Synonyms and related words:
aerate, aerify, articulate, atomize, bleed, blow, breathe, breathe out, bring out, carbonate, chime, chlorinate, chorus, come out with, communicate, convey, deliver, discharge, disclose, disembogue, distill, drip, effuse, egest, eject, eliminate, emanate, enunciate, etherify, etherize, evacuate, evaporate, excrete, exfiltrate, exhale, exhaust, expel, expire, express, extravasate, extrude, exudate, exude, filter, filtrate, fling off, flow, fluidize, formulate, fractionate, fume, fumigate, gasify, get off, get out, give, give expression, give forth, give off, give out, give out with, give tongue, give utterance, give vent to, give voice, hydrogenate, impart, issue, leach, let out, lip, lixiviate, loose, ooze, open the floodgates, open the sluices, out with, oxygenate, pass, pass off, percolate, perfume, phonate, phrase, pour, pour forth, pour out, present, pronounce, puff, put forth, put in words, put out, radiate, raise, reek, release, say, secrete, seep, send forth, send out, set forth, smoke, sound, spray, steam, strain, sublimate, sublime, tell, throw off, transpire, transude, utter, vapor, vaporize, vent, verbalize, vocalize, voice, void, volatilize, weep, whisper, word

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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